Elpis Oh
Elpis at Glass Earth

Elpis was the Greek Muse of Hope, and the word today in modern Greek still translates to "hope". I picked that name carefully, because (and it sounds better in French, La seule vérité, c'est l'espoir). We will only fail as a civilisation if we choose to fail.

I love to build, texture and script things. I used to say I couldn't draw for toffee and was no sort of a designer, but I love SL not only for the social aspects (oooh…my clams!) but for bringing out the creative aspects of my being that I had previously ignored. If you fancy getting into building in SL (or are already building, but fancy seeing how someone else does it, check out my tutorials.

I can usually be found somewhere around HCI; either up in my skylab; surrounded by half-finished scripts and half-baked ideas or down at ground level listening to one of our wonderful DJs or putting out some more eye candy. Please take the time to wander round the island; we've all worked really hard to make it a great place to come to. It may be a little disorganised, but that is all part of the magic that makes HCI such a wonderful place.

In the European evenings, I hang around with friends Gordon and Yrsa, wandering round trying to find live acts to fill the evenings with. If you're interested in playing during the European evening (midday-4pm SLT -ish), send me an IM! We're always looking for good acts!

Finally, I'd like to say a big thank-you to the other Founders, the clams, Finn Zeddmore and Rebecca Bournemouth, the #1 DJ and sugah Alexi Ayres, and last but by no means least, thomtrance(~) Otoole, who took a big gamble on us as a group. Thank you all!


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