Jaide Wilder

~ Jewel of Celtland ~ Worm ~

I have truly been blessed with wonderful people in my life. Thanks to a few friends that encouraged me to return to SL (YOU Lunna, Shi, Nad, Druzy), I continue to meet and become close with talented and beautiful people. A very fine example of the beautiful people I have met along the way are the Founders and people of Happy Clam Island.

When Im not exploring the incredibly diverse SIMS that SL has to offer, or being a thorn in Mont's side (I assist with his group, Im allowed), I am most likely dancing somewhere on Happy Clam! The live musicians and the DJs are some of the best I have heard .. and I encourage EVERYONE to come and check them out.

Music ~ without it I could not be .. There is an ever evolving soundtrack to my life.

Information and research hound, sign maker, hug giver, healer, lover, friendly ear, strong shoulder, support system, best friend, passionate, loyal, true.

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