OpenSim Work Arounds

Well, here we are to deal with the minutiae of every day life on a standalone sim.

Broken Copy Function The first problem is with copying or saving assets to inventory. You will notice right away that if you make an object and name it in the scene and then copy it to inventory - it disappears. Apparently the copy function is a teeny bit broken.
My work around is to make a copy using the shift key-drag sequence and then to save the copy. This seems to work through the complete sequence of logging off and shutting the sim down. Also it looks like the names are preserved during the save and reload sequence, as opposed to the problem below.

Clothing Names Not Unique For right now, when you create a new clothes, shapes or skins and then rename them, they don't seem to keep the new name. They appear to revert to 'New XXX' when you log-off. This has been spotty for me. So you will end up with a bunch of clothes all with the same name. I tried to put a grouping of clothes in a folder and to see if they could be stored and all be worn as an outfit. Well that worked during a session. But when I logged off and back on again the clothes and shape went back to clothes folder and the folder became empty with ethe name 'New Folder'. So, this is broken for now, but at least we can get decent shapes and some clothes.

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